Executive coaching

We have a breadth of experience helping individuals maximise their potential through executive coaching, providing challenge and encouragement, acting as a sounding board, and helping the coachee achieve clarity around what steps to take. The objectives for 1-1 coaching vary widely, but typical areas clients talk to us about include:

  • How do I increase my personal impact and be more effective?
  • Where do I want my career to go next?
  • How do I more effectively manage my team?
  • What should I change to become a better leader?
  • How do I manage a return to work after maternity leave?

Coaching, by its very nature is highly tailored, but would typically involve an initial meeting to determine mutual fit and identify coaching goals, followed by individual and potentially 360° assessment and the creation of an action plan. This initial phase is followed by a series of 1-1 coaching sessions typically at around 4-6 week intervals. When clients approach us for coaching one of their team, we can also build in review points with the line manager as appropriate, whilst maintaining confidentiality with the coachee.

Our coaches are ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited, and operate to a strict code of ethics.


These are a couple of examples of our coaching work:

Making career decisions

A director with one of the leading consultancy firms, came to us wanting coaching support to help her through a transition to a new role.  Using a variety of tools and techniques, we identified key factors important in her career and work / life balance going forwards, as well as a reflective look at career highlights and achievements to date.  A series of initial face to face meetings were followed up with telephone coaching sessions and support before significant milestones. The end result was a new role as chief executive for a leading UK charity.

Our work with most of our coaching clients follows a similar pattern: understanding where the client currently is in their career path; developing a clear picture of the ideal work scenario followed by creating a practical plan of action.  However in some instances clients will ask for help with a specific aspect of their career planning such as strengthening their CV or preparation for interviews.

Taking a leadership role

Recently promoted into a new position, the Head of merchandising for a leading retailer wanted coaching support to help her transition to this new role. A series of coaching sessions over 6 months focused on her key goals of building presence & assertiveness with board members as well as managing her team members.  The client found the process both rewarding and enlightening and resulted in significant changes with how she worked with others.

A 3 month follow-up, which is offered free to all our coaching clients, ensured that the changes were really sustainable.


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