Organisation development

Is our organisation structured to deliver our strategy in the most effective way?

Are our company values great on paper but not actually aren’t lived within the organisation?

Do we recognise and reward our employees for the behaviours that match our values and strategy?

Has yet another initiative not quite delivered because behaviours and the underlying attitudes and beliefs haven’t shifted?

Our expertise in organisational development has helped clients solve these, and many other gritty questions.  Unlocking potential at an organisational level comes in many different  guises, so may include cultural analysis to truly understand the organisational strengths and weaknesses; process redesign to work out a more effective way of doing things or developing a competency framework that properly allows you to develop your people.

Behavioural change programme

We worked with our client for over three years developing an environmental change programme that was implemented in over 800 restaurants across the UK and acted as a model for programmes in other countries. After working to understand the key behaviour changes, we developed both on-line and class room training, along with a talent management programme to integrate new competencies.  A range of communication and engagement processes ensured that the behaviour change was sustainable, resulting in a significant reduction in their environmental impact.


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